Wild Asparagus Out of Season

I am a drive by asparagus forager. I might make my way to gather it up on foot, but I typically spot it from the car, usually adult plants and almost always way out of season. My big brother, Kyle, taught me this technique and it has proven effective time and again.



Here in southern Indiana, wild asparagus (Asparagus officinalis) is much easier to spot when it’s the size of a small shrub and loaded down with conspicuous red berries. It is especially easy to spot when there is snow on the ground. Unfortunately this is not a good time to harvest it for eating. Asparagus should be harvested in the spring when the shoots are under 12″ tall. However, the picture shown here shows my lovely wife and I with a batch of fresh asparagus that we harvested near my dad’s place in late September 2012. I can only assume that fall’s mild weather and rainy conditions coupled with a fresh mow caused our favorite asparagus spot to produce another crop for us. Because of this I am considering trying to force a fall asparagus season in several spots this year as well by cutting down a small percentage of the adult stalks and spreading the seeds.

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