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3 Comments on “Contact Me!”

  1. Clyde- we came to the Brown Cty library presentation that you & your adorable daughter gave.

    Tim & I extend an invitation to walk our 28 acres at Sweetwater and help ID/harvest edibles. We’d pay/barter: have pond with bass & bluegill, just discovered a pawpaw patch right on a golf cart trail, can offer pontoon or speed boat rides, private & family yoga, laughter yoga, Tai Chi and I am a certified Recreational Tree Climber! Ha! Can get you hand time. Oh, and Tim has dozens of compound and recurve bows to shoot. Interested?

  2. Oops! That’s “hang time.” I have 1/2 dozen trees prepped for climbing and am insured for ages 7 and up.
    We can also offer free camping.

    We are also interested in a group foraging you may be doing soon. Tim has arthritic knees so short or easy treks he can do. If you prefer, you can call: Sarah, 765-717-6314

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