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Long ago, many plants were brought to this region from other continents and have become established here in North America. These plants often crowd out native plant species and do ecological damage. Every year a lot of time and money goes into trying to control these invasive plants, but one method is often overlooked…. EATING THEM! Many of these plants are not only edible but highly nutritious and very tasty. And best of all, they can’t be over-harvested! The more you take, the better off you leave the environment!


So, come with me and rip out some invasive species! I’ll show you how to identify and harvest several of these useful but problematic plants.

WHERE? Mill Race Park – Columbus, IN (meet at the Mill Race Center)

WHEN? Saturday, April 27th 2019 @ 11:00 AM

HOW MUCH? There will be no fee for this presentation. This is a value for value exchange. If you find that the information was helpful, beneficial, and/or valuable, I would gladly accept gifts and donations. Cash is always welcome, but some things I have received in the past that were fun and interesting were seeds, fresh eggs, gift cards, and home-brewed beer. There is no obligation and I’d be happy to have you along for the excursion whether you bring anything or not.

HOW DO I SIGN UP?: Send me an email with the work INVADER in the subject line and let me know you want to attend and if you intend to bring any guests.

WHAT ELSE: Please prepare and dress for the weather. This is a rain or shine event so make sure to bundle up if it’s going to be cold, bring a poncho or umbrella if rain is expected, etc. Also, wear proper footwear! I can’t stress this enough. We may be walking some fair distances through grass, sand, mud and more. Boots are best but sneakers are fine for most situations.

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